Many people suggested so-called black names for the new developed Game Lodge, but we have decided to go for a Khoi or San name, since they were the first inhabitants of the Klein Karoo – not the black or the white people. We have tried to find a typical Khoi or San name, but could not find what we were looking for, for the simple reason that the first inhabitants used a very difficult “click of the tongue” to communicate. The names are almost impossible to pronounce.

One winter’s morning a lonely kudu bull came to my rescue. I was walking in the veldt, just before sunrise (Yes, it does happen from time to time that I get out of bed that early!) when I suddenly spotted the kudu in front of me. The bull broke down a beautiful red flower of an Aloe Ferrox, the crown of the Succulent Karoo.
(You will find thousands of the Aloe Ferrox on Chandelier. Please see that you spot the two giants in front of our restaurant, as well as on the Chandelier logo.)

While I was adoring the so-called “king of the antelope” the sun started to rise through the bright red flowers of the Aloe Ferrox. The flowers were hanging upside down while the kudu bull was browsing on the leaves of the plant.
(Kudu, like many antelope species, eat the bitter Aloe Ferrox to control their internal and external parasites.)

I was so amazed by the sight in front of me that I did not immediately realise that nature had provided me with a name for the Game Lodge. The sun raised through the bright red flowers and they glittered as if they were on fire. Definitely the most beautiful Chandelier that I have ever seen. I walked home with a song in my heart – the name of the farm should be Chandelier.


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