Kings and beauties have adorned themselves with ostrich feathers since ancient times. When the tomb of Tutankhamen was opened in 1922, they found a perfect, 3000 year old, ivory-handled ostrich feather fan. Nowhere else has the ostrich been more important than in the Klein Karoo. Starting from a fledgling industry in the 1870's, Oudtshoorn soon became the ostrich capital of the world.


It is understandable that Chandelier, the closest ostrich show farm to Oudtshoorn (7 km) and George (48km), played an important role in the development of the ostrich industry more than 130 years ago.

The history of Chandelier, closely linked to the history of the Klein Karoo and the development of the ostrich industry in South Africa, lies enclosed in the old graveyard on the farm. No wonder that guests demanded that the ostrich tour on Chandelier should start right at the graveyard.


Ostriches remain one of the most fascinating attractions in South Africa, therefore great care has been taken on Chandelier to make the tour an unforgettable experience. Ostrich tours are conducted on open land rovers, in order to overcome the elements.


Chandelier Game Lodge & Ostrich Show Farm is the only ostrich show farm in South Africa where guests can stay in luxury en suite tented chalets within walking distance from these amazing birds. If you are lucky enough, you should hear their mating songs at night. Guests are invited to participate in the daily activities on the working ostrich show farm, like feather clipping etc. Ostrich riding is also available for the brave, while the professional jockeys at Chandelier compete in the famous Chandelier ostrich race.

Guides are multi-lingual and tours are conducted in five languages, if arranged in advance.

“Come and experience the magic of the Golden Camel Bird.”

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